Where in Africa do they Speak English

Where in Africa do they Speak English
Where in Africa do they Speak English

English is an official language in many African countries, including Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. English is the predominant language in these African countries, although there are numerous other languages spoken. These countries have a rich history and diverse culture that attracts tourists from all over the world.

Many people believe that English is solely spoken in the United States and the Commonwealth of Independent States. The truth is that English is an important language in many African countries. This post will highlight some of these African countries and the use of English as a primary language and for international purposes.


English Speaking Countries in Africa

Africa is a large continent consisting of many different countries. English is one of the official languages in many African countries. This article will explore the African countries where English is spoken as the primary language. South Africa is home to the most English speakers in Africa. The language is used in both the private and public sectors. English is also an official language in Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, Swaziland, and Zambia.


English Post-Colonial In Africa

In much of Africa, English is the official language. This is due to colonialism and the British Empire. As a result, English is spoken in many African countries, including Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. However, there are many different dialects of English in Africa. So, where in Africa do they speak English?


Where in Africa do they Speak English?

1Nigeria 206,139,589
2Ethiopia 114,963,588
3 Egypt102,334,404
4South Africa 59,308,690
6Kenya 53,771,296
9Ghana 31,072,940
12Malawi 19,129,952
15South Sudan 11,193,725
16Rwanda 12,952,218
17Burundi 11,890,784
18Sierra Leone 7,976,983
19Liberia 5,057,681
20Namibia 2,540,905
21Lesotho 2,142,249
23Gambia 2,416,668

Africa is a vast continent with many different cultures and languages. Therefore, it can be challenging to determine where, exactly, English is spoken. However, there are a few countries in Africa where English is the official language.

These countries include South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, and Kenya. In addition, English is also a commonly spoken language in other African countries, such as Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo.