The World’s Best Cities 2021

The World's Best Cities 2021
The World's Best Cities 2021

An annual study byCondé Nast Traveler ranks the world’s best cities every year, and for 2021, the list is out. This years top 10 are London, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Melbourne, New York City, and San Francisco. The list is determined by a survey of readers who rank cities on restaurants, hotels, culture, shopping, and overall experience.

There are many different ways to judge what makes a city the best in the world. Some people might consider the cost of living, availability of jobs, or healthcare quality. Others might think that the best city has excellent food, thriving nightlife, and beautiful scenery. No matter how you measure it, there will always be different opinions about which city is the best.

The World’s Best Cities 2021

1. San Francisco, California, USA
2. Amsterdam, Netherlands
3. Manchester, UK
4. Copenhagen, Denmark
5. New York, USA
6. Montreal, Canada
7. Prague, Czech Republic
8. Tel Aviv, Israel
9. Porto, Portugal
10. Tokyo, Japan

Every year, the world’s best cities are ranked and announced. The list has been released this year, and there have been some changes. Some cities have fallen from grace, while others have climbed the ranks. Here is a recap of the world’s best cities in 2021.