The Populations of Africa by Countries 2021

African Population
African Population

The Populations of Africa by Countries 2019, Africa is the second-largest and second-most-populous continent on earth with an estimated population in 2018 of 1.287 billion people. Africa is home to 54 recognized Countries and nine territories.

The UN Population Fund stated in 2009 that the population of Africa had hit the one billion mark and had therefore doubled in size over 27 years.

More than half of the global population growth between now and 2050 is expected to occur in Africa. Africa has the highest rate of population growth among significant areas, growing at a pace of 2.55 percent annually

The Populations of Africa by Countries 2021

CountryPopulation Growth Rate
Nigeria211,400,708 2.55 %
Egypt104,258,3271.88 %
DR Congo92,377,9933.15 %
Tanzania61,498,4372.95 %
South Africa60,041,9941.204 %
Kenya54,985,6982.26 %
Uganda47,123,5313.02 %
Algeria44,909,3532.42 %
Sudan44,616,6241.75 %