The Most Powerful Military In Africa 2022

The Most Powerful Military In Africa 2022
The Most Powerful Military In Africa 2022

Africa is the world’s most populous and poorest continent. It accounts for only six percent of the global population but twenty-four percent of the world’s poorest people. Despite this, Africa has some of the world’s most powerful militaries. Ethiopia, Nigeria, and South Africa are among the top ten military spenders in the world.

All three countries have large armies with sophisticated weapons systems. Algeria, Angola, and Tunisia also have robust militaries that can significantly fight against larger armies. However, none of these countries is considered a military superpower despite these impressive forces. The ranking of The Most Powerful Military In Africa 2022 is based on The Global Firepower Index, which includes 36 African Countries.


The Most Powerful Military In Africa 2022


1. Egypt

Egypt is the most powerful military in Africa and will remain so in 2022, according to a report by The National. The report cites statistics from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) that show that Egypt’s military spending increased an average of 5.9% each year between 2010-2015, reaching $36.1 billion in 2015. In addition, SIPRI says that Egypt has the fourth largest military budget and the sixth-largest army in the world. As a result, Egypt is expected to maintain its position as the most powerful military in Africa for the next two years.


2. South Africa

South Africa is the most powerful military in Africa. They have a large and well-equipped army and are considered one of the most stable countries in the region. However, their economy is struggling, and they cannot always provide for their troops.


3. Algeria

Algeria has the third-largest military in Africa, with about 350,000 active-duty personnel. It also has one of the largest militaries in the world in terms of budget, at $11 billion. In addition, Algeria is a regional power with strong ties to France and a significant role in international organizations.


4. Nigeria

Nigeria has the world’s largest military budget, is home to the most powerful army in Africa and is headed by a president with sweeping powers. But as Africa’s biggest economy, Nigeria also has ambitions to be a major player on the world stage. This week’s World Economic Forum in Davos spotlighted Nigeria as a rising superpower and its military as one of the main reasons.

Nigeria is projected to grow faster than any other African country over the next two decades. According to IMF projections, its economy is projected to grow by 5% per year, more than double the growth rate for all but three African countries.


5. Morocco

Morocco is a North African country with a population of 33 million people. It has a rich culture and history and a long history as an Islamic country. The Moroccan military is one of the most powerful in Africa, and it is expected to grow even more powerful in the next few years. The Moroccan army has a strong presence in North Africa and the Middle East, and it is also active in other parts of Africa.


6. Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of the most powerful militaries in Africa. The country has over 100 million people, and its economy is projected to grow by 8.5% this year. Ethiopia’s military strength is based on its large population, ample natural resources, and strong ties with Western countries. The Ethiopian military has been involved in peacekeeping operations in the region, but it also maintains a strong combat force capable of defending the nation’s borders.


7. Angola

Angola is the most powerful military in Africa. The country has a long history of military conflict and has been involved in wars with neighbouring countries for centuries. It is one member of the United Nations, and its army ranks as one of the largest in Africa. In addition, the country’s wealth has allowed it to maintain a powerful military machine, which it uses to control its territory and intimidate its neighbours.


8. Libya

Libya is one of the most powerful military forces in Africa. With over 150,000 active personnel and a budget of $4 billion, Libya is a significant player on the continent. The country’s armed forces are well-equipped and trained, boasting some of the best equipment in Africa. Libya has been an important part of international efforts to stabilize Somalia, deploying troops to reinforce African Union peacekeepers in 2012. In 2016, Libyan forces were also deployed to fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.


9. Sudan

Sudan will be the most powerful military in Africa by 2022. The country’s armed forces are estimated to have a strength of 1.5 million soldiers and officers, making it one of the biggest on the continent. Sudan has been ranked as one of the top 10 militaries in the world by several agencies, including NATO. This elite force is trained to fight on multiple fronts and maintain stability in a volatile region.


10. Tunisia

Tunisia is the most powerful military in Africa. The country has a population of around 11 million, and it has an army that is estimated to be around 300,000 strong. Tunisia has maintained its power because of its effective military and close relationship with France.



The Most Powerful Military In Africa 2022

RankCountry Power Index Score
2South Africa0.4276
11DR Of Congo1.4171
19South Africa2.5072
23Ivory Coast2.73392
26Republic of the Congo3.1759
31Burkina Faso4.7216
33Central African Republic 5.2184
34Sierra Leone7.5206