The Most Powerful Militaries In Africa

The Most Powerful Militaries In Africa 2020
The Most Powerful Militaries In Africa 2020

This provides the final ranking while allowing smaller, more technologically advanced nations to compete with larger, lesser-developed ones. Some bonuses and penalties are added for refinement that, in the end.

Africa is excepted to be the next China in 10- 20-year global economic power because of the massive young workforce and cheap labour.

Here Are The Most Powerful Militaries In Africa

RankCountryDefense Budget USD
$8000.00 Million
2Algeria$9975.45 Million
3South Africa$4.278 Billion
$2000.00 Million
5Angola$4024.80 Million

$3502.24 Million
7Ethiopia$490.30 Million
8DR Congo

$93.5 Million
9Sudan$4 Billion
10Libya$4899.11 Million

Source: | African Military Strength

Africa is undoubtedly one of the most critical and powerful continents of the world. With all the uprisings, terrorism activities, and unrest observed in different countries of Africa. World powers keep meddling in Africa’s affairs to gain their share.

It takes a lot of factors to become a stable country, especially to top the list as the most powerful country in Africa. These factors include the economic and military power, the natural resources, geostrategic location of the country.

And how much the country is essential to the world. A country needs to be powerful enough to protect its sovereignty, supremacy, and independence in today’s world. Therefore, we found it pertinent to let our readers know about the most influential countries in Africa that the world should be wary of.