Freedom Of The Press In Ethiopia

Press Media
Press Media

Ethiopians don’t enjoy Freedom Of The Press  because the government control the media, as well as jailing journalist that goes against the government, wishes in exposing the truth; in Recent publication by reporters without the border for Freedom of information, Ethiopia is ranked 150 out of 180 countries,

Ethiopia Might have a new Government that is trying to promote Freedom. But, still, their civic fight going in the country because Every ethnicity wants to control the government and the wealth of the nation and only give it to their people.


Terrorism law is used to silence the media.

Swedish journalists sentenced to 11 years in Ethiopia
Swedish journalists sentenced to 11 years in Ethiopia.

Terrorism charges have been systematically used against journalists ever since the 2009 terrorism law took effect. The charges carry long jail sentences and allow the authorities to hold journalists without trial for extended periods. There has been no significant improvement since the purges that led to the closure of six newspapers in 2014 and drove around 30 journalists into exile.

On the contrary, another six-month state of emergency was proclaimed in February 2018, which the government could again use to arrest critical journalists and ban the public from watching or listening to certain broadcast media. Moreover, the Internet and social networks are often disconnected while physical and verbal threats, arbitrary trials, and convictions are all used to silence the press.