Countries With The Largest Population in Africa 2021

Countries With The Largest Population in Africa 2021
Countries With The Largest Population in Africa 2021

The world’s population is expected to reach 9.8 billion by 2050, and almost all of this growth will take place in the developing countries of Africa, Asia and South America. Countries With The Largest Population in Africa 2021 In addition, by 2050, two-thirds of people on Earth will be living in urban areas, and less than 40% will live in rural areas. Over 90% of the new mouths to feed are located outside North America, Europe and Japan.

The United Nations predicts that Africa’s population alone could more than double from 1 billion today to 2.4 billion by 2050 if current birth rates continue unchanged. Such a surge would mean increased pressure for food production as well as water supplies, energy resources and housing, especially since many African nations already suffer from poor infrastructure conditions such as Road, Electricity, Waste management,


Countries With The Largest Population in Africa 2021

#CountriesPopulationGrowth Rate
1Nigeria 211,400,708 2.55%
3Egypt104,258,327 1.88%
4DR Congo92,377,993 3.15%
5Tanzania 61,498,437 2.95%
6South Africa 60,041,9941.24%
7Kenya54,985,698 2.26%
8Uganda 47,123,5313.02%
9Sudan 44,909,353 2.42%
10Algeria44,616,624 1.75%
11Morocco 37,344,795 1.18%
12Angola33,933,610 3.25%
13Mozambique 32,163,047 2.90%
17Ivory Coast 27,053,6292.56%
18Niger25,130,817 3.82%
19Burkina Faso21,497,0962.84%
20Mali 20,250,833 3.02 %

With an area of around 30 million km2 and a population of 1.2 billion people, Africa is the world’s second-largest continent by geographic area and the world’s second-most populous continent.

The United Nations recognizes 54 African countries, two independent states with limited or no UN recognition (Western Sahara and Somaliland), and some areas (mainly islands) governed by non-African countries. Spain, for example, governs the Canary Islands.

Given Africa’s complex political environment, colonial history, and ongoing insurgencies in several countries, the exact number of officially recognized countries on the continent remains a point of contention.

With a median age of 19.7, Africa’s population is the youngest of all the continents (in comparison to the global median age of 30.4). With a median age of 15.3 years, Niger has the lowest median age in the world. Africa is also, by far, the poorest continent (excluding Antarctica).