Best Universities In Africa 2021

Best Universities In Africa 2021
Best Universities In Africa 2021

The Best Universities In Africa 2021 is a list of the top ten best universities in Africa for 2021. The ranking was determined by how long it has been operating, quality of education, its size, and how many PhDs they have on staff. This list includes schools from all over Africa, including Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa.

Best Universities In Africa 2021, with 23 and 11 universities, Egypt and South Africa are the two most well-represented African countries in the ranking. Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, and South Africa all have universities ranked among the top 500 universities in the world.

The quality of education was determined using data derived from QS World University Rankings to select a school that should rank higher.


The Best Universities In Africa 2021

RankUniversity City
1University of Cape Town Cape Town
2University of WitwatersrandJohannesburg
3American University in CairoCairo
4University of JohannesburgJohannesburg
5Stellenbosch University
6Cairo UniversityCairo
7University of PretoriaPretoria
8Ain Shams UniversityCairo
9Alexandria UniversityAlexandria
10Rhodes UniversityMakhanda


The Best Universities In Africa 2021

  1. University of Cape Town
  2. University of Witwatersrand
  3. American University in Cairo
  4. University of Johannesburg
  5. Stellenbosch University
  6. Cairo University
  7. University of Pretoria
  8. Ain Shams University
  9. Alexandria University
  10. Rhodes University