An Ethiopian Who Is Chasing Her Dream In Canada: Semhal Kahsay

Semhal Kahsay
Semhal Kahsay

As an Ethiopian company, we wanted to create a new series published every week covering Ethiopians living abroad and making names for themselves. Since Semhal Kahsay was a child back in Ethiopia, she wanted to be a Journalist, but life didn’t go as planned.

She ended up as an accounting student in Canada, but she has never forgotten her dream of starting her own business and being in the Journalism field in some form.

However, Canada is known for being extremely welcoming to immigrants, offering them an opportunity for a better life and to help them fulfil their potential, As everyone in Canada is given the same chance when it comes to education, jobs, etc.



Semhal Kahsay started an online publication called, an Edmonton-based content website that provides informative content on Career, Health, Financial and Life.


Semhal is in her Junior year and studying accounting at NAIT, a school-based in western Canada. She plans on   pursuing a master’s degree at a Canadian university while running and expanding her business.


Where she sees herself in the next 5- 10 Years

Semhal sees herself running a her-own business back in her motherland as Ethiopia is one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa. With the second largest population in Africa and a market that is yet to be saturated, she hopes to seek out the endless opportunities her country offers.

Even though Ms Kahsay’s business is a recent start-up, she is proud of herself for what she has achieved so far, working hard to learn about digital technology overnight with online courses. However, she acknowledges that there is much work ahead of her to make her business profitable. It has been a lot of work juggling all her responsibilities with full-time school, but she is happy to see her hard work pay off.